Omega-3 and Hytolive® in cardiovascular health.

Omega-3 fatty acids have been and continue to be, at least in Europe and the US, the first resource via food supplement to fight against cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

During all these years, innovation in this field has been led by the source of these omegas, their degree of refinement and their purity.

Also, researchers and marketers thought about the combination with other ingredients.

Following this trend, Genosa has been suggesting for years a combination that shows, at least, a complementarity and meets the objective of addressing a real problema.

Cholesterol level is very important but recent science is considering even more relevant the state of that cholesterol: what proportion of such cholesterol is LDL, vLDL and especially if it is oxidized (the so-called oxLDL). While it is true that this parameter is not included in a routine analysis (something that we believe will come), we must not forget it, as it affects the plaque that forms and the process of oxidation and inflammation that is generated.

Omega-3 and Hytolive® in cardiovascular health.

Cholesterol is probably the most relevant molecule in our body, but it is its oxidation that would really generate a problem for our cardiovascular health.

All this theory has been endorsed by the Committee of Experts of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) that included hydroxytyrosol in the list of ingredients on which a benefit can be allegated: the protection of blood lipids against the oxidative stress.

The combination of omega-3 and Hytolive® is very interesting and should be included in the portfolio of all the companies that commercialize omega-3. Consumers shoud be aware of.

Another alternative would be to consume certain amounts of extra virgin olive oil with blue fish.

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